Resort Report - Jaguar Reef Lodge


Resort Report - Jaguar Reef Lodge

Jaguar Reef Lodge will provide you with a wonderful beachfront location, easy access to many of Belize's natural wonders, tours and activities, excellent food and drink along with friendly and attentive staff to make you want to stay longer.



The resort has continued to expand through the years, growing from its original 14 thatch roof cabanas to encompass over 60 cabanas, casitas and suites spread over five acres of land, including over 1,000 feet of prime white sand beach. The resort offers three swimming pools as well as a jacuzzi and has a first class spa on-site as well. Depsite its size, the Jaguar Reef Lodge has maintained its "intimate" feel. 





Bioluminescence Tour

 Jaguar Reef now offers a Bioluminescence Tour. An evening boat tour to experience one of the natural wonders of Belize! This tour takes you through a jungle tunnel and mangroves directly into Anderson Lagoon, where you will experience the magic of Bioluminescence at its finest. 


During the dry season, bioluminescent dinoflagellates increase in concentration as the lagoon becomes saltier. When water is physically disturbed, these marine protists cause the lagoon to glow a brilliant cyan.


It seems the water is alive with neon lights. Experience fish darting around the boat glowing bright neon green and travel through schools of jellyfish all aglow!


It is truly a amazing adventure that you have to see to believe.


The tour is approximately 2 hours long and runs in the dry season from December to June. 



Be sure to check out specials and packages at Jaguar Reef Lodge or email one of our Belize specialists to start planning.