Food Friday Recipe - Hot Cross Buns


Food Friday - Hot Cross Buns Recipe


Easter in Belize would not be complete without Hot Cross Buns on the table. Try your own at home with this home-made recipe from local pastry chef, Ila Reid who has been serving up her family's Hot Cross Buns for over 15 years.


Start by mixing your dry ingredients together:

3 pounds flour

2 packs yeast

Spice seeds / Spice Mix


Add in:

1/2 pound shortening

1 cup brown sugar


Using your own judgement, start adding in lukewarm coconut milk to make the perfect dough consistency. You do not want it too soft or to stiff. You can also add in vanilla or essence of your choice. 

Knead - Punch - Work it out until smooth. 

Roll it off into medium size balls and set them in a baking pan. 

Make the crosses from small strips of rolled dough, cross them on top and make sure they are firmly in the bun. 

Let buns sit for 45 minutes until 1 hour and then pop in a 350 degree preheated oven.

Bake for 45 mintues or until golden brown. 


Ms. Ila likes to eat her hot cross buns with warm with a slice of cheese but you can have them any way you prefer: cool, warm, hot out of the oven, with or without cheese, with jelly and peanut butter... the choices are endless!




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