About Magnum Belize Tours

We are a U.S. based Belize Tour Operator that has been customizing travel packages to Belize for over 30 years. We take the guess work out of traveling to Belize so you can feel confident about the money you invest and can fully relax on your trip. Our Belize experts can work with your budget to plan a trip that caters to your interests and needs. Our staff travels to Belize every year and are very knowledgeable about the resorts, tours, attractions, and are available to answer any questions you may have. Feel free to call or email us!

Whether you are looking for an all inclusive resort, a jungle or beach resort, a romantic getaway, or an action packed adventures, we can help tailor the perfect trip for you and your interests. If you’ve been searching the internet in your free time, trying to plan a trip to Belize and feel like you’re not getting anywhere than you have come to the right place. There are so many options and places to explore in Belize, that we highly suggest letting one of our Belize experts help you sort through all the information and help plan the perfect trip for you.


OMG! Best vacation ever! We loved everything – We did everything – we never wanted it to end!

Laurie S., Wisconsin

When I asked if you “did Belize” and you told me you LOVE selling Belize, I was pleased. This was an absolutely amazing experience. When we saw “tours” of ruins in the itinerary, I was happy, …

Leandra C., Nevada

Just wanted to let you know that there were ZERO problems. Everyone was incredible, it was the most amazing trip!! Thank you SO much for your assistance with this trip, it really was amazing!

Laura A., Missouri


Beach vibes are the best vibes:) #welovebelize #PelicanReefVillas https://t.co/r9njCpATBX

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